Manage Business Features

Your school's business features:

This lets you select what features you want your business to have.

manage business settings

Business Features Tab

The elements you will be able to enable include:

  1. Payment Plans: Must have for multiple and family discounts.CLICK HERE for complete instructions.
  2. Credit Accounts: Pre-paid or refunds.CLICK HERE for complete instructions.
  3. Scholarships: CLICK HERE for complete instructions.
  4. Gift Certificates: CLICK HERE for complete instructions.
  5. Session Packs: Used for drop in classes. CLICK HERE for complete instructions.
  6. Recurring Billing: CLICK HERE for complete instructions.
  7. Online purchasing: ENABLES ONLINE PURCHASING in your school. If you don't select this feature, students will be able to search for classes but not register for them online.
  8. Enable Shop: Sell in store merchandise.
  9. Management of your school's homepage or "landing page." The Advanced Landing Page Editor allows you to set up your home page images. CLICK HERE for complete instructions.

Manage -business -settings2

Payment Settings Tab

Under this tab, you can:

  1. Edit the tax rate for your school's classes and/or store.
  2. Choose which payment gateway you want to integrate with. This feature NOT AVAILABLE for the $1/month service.

Homepage Integration

Home Tab

On the public facing side of your SCHOOL EMPOWER this is a HOME TAB.  The home tab should link back to your website. 

  1. Click on Manage Business Settings
  2. Click on Integration
  3. Enter your website URL in the HOME PAGE URL section
  4. Click Save


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