Setup of the important features of your business in this section:

business setup

  1. ADMIN LOGINS: This will control who is able to use your admin panel, and what level of access they will have.
  2. MY ACCOUNT: This will show you all your subscription transactions.
  3. SCHOOL LOGO: Upload your school logo in this section.
  4. HOMEPAGE EDITING: You will add your home page images and text links.
  5. TERMS + CONDITIONS: Release forms of your school will be entered here
  6. MANAGE BUSINESS FEATURES: you can enable the following elements here:
    • Payment Plans
    • Credit Accounts
    • Scholarships
    • Gift Certificates
    • Session Packs
    • Recurring Billing
    • Online Class Purchases
    • School Store
    • Advanced Landing Page
    • Payment settings: Integrate with your Payment Gateway
    • Enable Links back to your school website from School Empower
    • Integrate with your school's thank you page
  7. Contact types: Allows you to set up special mailing lists targeted toward a group of people.