Cancelling/Changing Class Status

To  BULK manage class status such as deleting classes, cancel or make a class pending click on ALL CLASSES. If you make a class pending it will still be in your system, but not visible to students.

PLEASE NOTE You will not be able to delete a class if students are enrolled. Even if you have enrolled a student and then unenrolled them, a financial transaction has taken place and thus the class can't be deleted.  However, you can change the class to CANCELLED or PENDING and it will not show up on your PUBLIC PAGE.

Step 1:

Click on the Classes link in your navigation bar or the Classes icon. Click on All Classes icon in the Classes Section.

View All Classes

Step 2:

You will then see a list of all your classes. To the left of each class are check boxes. Check the boxes next to the classes you which to change.

Step 3:

At the bottom right of the page, you will see a CHANGE STATUS box. Select either: Current, Canceled or Pending, if you wish to change the status of a class. You can bulk change the status of a class by checking the boxes to the left of the classes.

To Delete the class, click on the delete X icon.

Cancelling A Class