Payment Plans

We created payment plans because our clients wanted the ability to:

  1. Give multi-level discounts- i.e. 5% off second class, 10% off third class, 5th class free, etc.
  2. Give family discounts- Apply those discounts to multiple family members.
  3. Offer Recurring billing- Allow families to enjoy all the discounts, while at the same time pay tuition monthly.
  4. Online payment and registration- Have the ability to get multi-level family discounts PLUS recurring billing PLUS purchase online.

When setting a class, you will see TWO PRICE boxes

  1. Regular price: (i.e. $50/month)
  2. Payment plan price (frequently set at $0)

A payment plan price is set up: (i.e. 3 classes for $125/month -- savings of $25). If a student selects a payment plan, and 3 classes, they will automatically only be charged for the payment plan.


Discounts work in the following way:

  1. Percent is taken off the LOWEST cost class: If there is a $50 class and a $60 class, the % will be take from the $50 class.
  2. Discounts work best with NON-RECURRING billing-- i.e. a class paid in full.
  3. If you use a discount on a recurring billing class, the discount will ONLY be taken from the FIRST PAYMENT. 


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