Adding Parents and Guardians

There are three ways to add parents/guardians:

  1. from the guardian section in the child/student's profile
  2. by linking contacts
  3. By using the Front Facing (public) side of your School Empower system.

1. Guardian method (for contacts not yet added)

  • Either create a new student or select an existing student
  • Fill in any appropriate information. The following items are mandatory: first name, last name, primary address, billing address, phone number, and email.

If you want to assign your contact login credentials, you may fill out a username and password for them in the account section.

**To assign a guardian, enter in that person's information in the guardian section.** This new guardian will now be added as a contact. You may edit his/her info by going to that individual's contact page.


  • Save and you're done!

2. Linked contacts method (for existing contacts)

If your parent or guardian is already in the system, or that individual has multiple kids that you want to link him to, the linked contacts method is simpler.

  • Both contacts must be saved in the system first. Then, choose one contact, and click on the "Linked contacts" tab.
  • Click "Link new contact."


  • Choose the contact to be linked and the appropriate relationship from the dropdown menu.
  • Click LINK and your are done.


3.  Public facing site

CLICK HERE for online registration instructions.