In Studio Payment

If parents are not paying in full, but rather in separate payments (such as monthly, quarterly, per session, etc.) it is first necessary to set up recurring billing in your CLASS SET UP (CLICK HERE) or recurring billing in your PAYMENT PLANS (CLICK HERE.) A payment plan is different than class recurring billing as it allows multi-class and/or family discounts.

To collect payment in your studio, following these steps:

STEP 1: Set up your class or payment plans using recurring billing.

STEP 2: Enroll the student to the class and collect first payment.  CLICK HERE to see how to enroll a student.

STEP 3: On your PAYMENT DUE DAY, go to the RECURRING BILLING REPORT (Under REPORTS TAB). Select the DATE RANGE and run your report. (If your payment is due on the FIRST, and today is the FIRST, your date range can be Sept 1- Sept 1)  However, if today is the FIFTH and your due date is the FIRST, run your report SEPT 1- SEPT 5.)


STEP 4: You will see all of the accounts that are due on that day.

STEP 5:  Click on the PROCESS link.  You will then be able to process their check or cash.  If you are using a payment gateway, you will be able to charge their credit card.




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