How do I set up a semester?

Semesters define your "seasons" for example, School Year, Summer Session. Registration Fees and payment plans are tied to semesters.  CLICK HERE for details.  You can set up your REGISTRATION FEES in the SEMESTER.

What is a drop in class?

A drop in class, is a class where you allow a student to take a class only 1 time. Common types of drop in classes include Zumba, Salsa, Fitness, ets. CLICK HERE for details

What is a semester based class?

A semester based class is a class that requires a long term committment spanning several weeks or months. CLICK HERE for details.

What is the easiest way to add a large family?

You can easily add a families of all sizes from your Administration Panel  However, some studios report adding them from the student facing side of your system the easiest way if there is more than 1 child.

Why do I see two classes?

When you create a class, you are also create the schedule for the class. You see both the MAIN CLASS description, as well as the CLASS SCHEDULE.  You can add many SCHEUDLES to one class if the same class is offered on different days and times, or even different semesters. CLICK HERE for details.

What is current and pending?

A current class in one that can be viewed by your students (if you allow online registration).  A pending class is one that you have set up for the future, but are not ready to show to the public.

How do I change times for classes?

How do I prorate?

Add the discounted dollar amount during the check out process. You can only prorate from the admin panel. CLICK HERE for details

How do I view a class Roster?

There are several ways to view the roster.

  1. CLICK HERE View Roster

How do I take attendance?

Attendance can be taken from the CLASSES section.  CLICK HERE for full details.

What is a payment plan?

Payment plans allow you to offer special pricing for multi-class purchases, family discounts, costume payments, registration fees and more.  CLICK HERE for details.

How do I make a payment plan private?

When setting up the STATUS of a payment plan, UNCHECK the ACTIVE box.  It will still be able to be used by you, but will not be public to your students.  CLICK HERE for details.

Can I edit payment plans?


Can I edit classes?


Can I change a login name for a student?

No you can't. However, the student can change their password.

Can I delete a student?

You can only delete a student if they have never purchased a class from your system. 

What is the difference between DISCOUNTS and PAYMENT PLANS?

Many studios want to offer multiple class discounts, monthly recurring billing, AND online purchasing for multi-level discounts.  PAYMENT PLANS allow the student to purchase a PLAN (at what ever price you set up) add the appropriate number of classes to their cart, and check out.  They will ONLY be charged for the PAYMENT PLAN.

DISCOUNTS DO NOT  work with recurring billing. The Discount will only be taken off the FIRST PAYMENT.  However, if a student pays in full for all classes, the discounts will work properly.

How do I process a credit?

Go into the ACCOUNTS TAB in the student record, and click on refund credit.  Enter the desired amount, transaction note and click on process.