Step 2: Business Setup

Set up  these business features prior to adding classes.

Arrow _rightFirst, navigate to the Business Set Up tab.

Business Features

Arrow _rightClick on MANAGE BUSINESS FEATURES. Select the business features you want prior to adding classes in order to give you maximum flexibility when setting up classes.  CLICK SAVE after you have made your selections.

  1. Payment plans: allows for family discounts and multi-class discounts using recurring billing. 
  2. Credit accounts: allows for pre-paying classes.
  3. Scholarships: allows you to give scholarships to students.
  4. Session packs: (" virtual punch cards") Students can purchase session packs and use them to pay for DROP IN CLASSES.
  5. Recurring billing: Allows your school to offer recurring billing payments.
  6. Online class purchases: (allows people to pay and register online.) If not checekd, students will be able to search but not register or pay for classes online.
  7. Shop: enables merchandise purchases such as clothes, costumes, water, etc.
  8. Advanced page editor: ALWAYS enable
  9. Enable SMS:  Allows you to text your students


Arrow _rightOther features such as school logo, admin permissions, homepage, and contact types can be added/edited at a later time.

Arrow _rightPayment settings, integration and email server settings can be set up when you are completely ready to start using the School Empower system to process enrollment and payment.

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